About us

Will distribute 50,000 toothbrushes in over 20 countries
One Smile At A Time

Founded by Gabe and Seabass Eisenhuth, Eisentoother delivered toothbrushes to people in need. With over 50,000 toothbrushes delivered in over 20 countries, Eisentoothers has been helping the world improve its oral hygiene.

Seabass is currently a sophomore at in High Shcool and Gabe is a junior at Saint John’s University. Growing up with a mother in the dental industry they have learned many lessons on how to take care of your teeth. Through traveling on mission trips they discovered that throughout the world there are areas where people don’t even have the basic tool to take care of their teeth. The tooth brush. It’s their goal and mission to help prevent tooth decay and the need for restorative work in remote areas where people are unable to acquire a tooth brushd. If you or anybody you know does not have access to toothbrushes send them an email request. They’re excited to help as many people as they can.